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  • J.B. v. PEREZ - $100,000

    Our client suffered lower back injuries in a auto accident. We obtained a full policy settlement fo $100,000. Read On

  • R.E. v. LANDSTAR - $425,000

    Our client a trucker was involved in a crash when he was cut off at an intersection by a Jeep driven by the Defendant.  After obtaining a full policy settlement against the other vehicle we initiated a SUM claim against our clients coverage. Initially the SUM carrier denied any payment & after ex... Read On

  • C.D. v. KESSEL - $550,000

    Our client was injured in an auto accident & required surgery on her neck.  The insurance carrier made an initial offer of $12,500. Our office litigated the matter which resulted in a court supervised Mediation and the final settlement number of $550,000 Read On

  • R.R. v. LAMONT & GEICO - $300,000

    Our client was injured in an auto accident & required surgery. We secured a full policy settlement of $15,000 against the offending vehicle & an additional full policy settlement of $285,000 from GEICO, our clients SUM carrier. Read On

  • R.J. v. AGUILAR - $100,00

    Our client was injured in a rear end collision & required shoulder surgery.  We secured a full policy settlement of $100,000. Read On

  • E.A. v DAVIDSON - $1,250,000

    Our client was rear ended by a box truck & suffered numerous injuries. After extensive litigation we agreed to Mediate the matter on liability & damages. At mediation we resolved the matter for $1,250,000. Read On

  • D.P. v. LANZA - $250,000

    Our client was struck by a vehicle & sustained multiple injuries including a Fx femur. The carrier refused to tender their full policy coverage & we litigated the matter & ultimately recovered the full policy coverage of $250,000. Read On

  • M.C. v. LAWN MASTERS - $260,000

    Our client, while working, fell on accumulated ice in a parking lot of her job. We sued the maintenance company & ultimately resolved the case for $260,000. Read On

  • R.R. v. EMPIRE CITY SUBWAY CO. – $875,000

    Our client, while on the job as a New York City Transit Authority bus driver, drove over a defective construction plate causing the bus to fall into the pavement. He sustained a serious back injury that required surgery. The defense argued that our client had prior back injuries and they did not ... Read On

  • R.T. v. SLOMINS – $712,500

    This was a 2 car head-on collision where our client suffered a severe hip fracture and dislocation. The defendant denied liability and the case went to trial. After we were successful during the liability stage of the trial, the defendant settled for $712,500. Read On

  • J.M. v. ERA-TOP REALTY – $600,000

    Our client tripped on a defective sidewalk grate covering. Ms. Mejias suffered a severely fractured ankle requiring surgery. After extensive litigation, we were able to secure our client a settlement of $600,000. Read On

  • A.C. v. RUSSO – $300,000

    This was a two-car accident where our client suffered a severe back injury. After 2 plus years of litigation, we were able to obtain a settlement for full policy limits of $300,000. Read On

  • L.M. v. THE CITY OF NEW YORK – $1,425,000

    Our client was struck by a vehicle at a corner intersection. Our client suffered multiple, severe injuries. We brought suit against the driver of the vehicle as well as the City of NY. We alleged that the City defectively designed the traffic control signal at the intersection. After years of lit... Read On

  • G.S. v. FAIRCHILD – $800,000

    Our client was a passenger in a one-car accident who suffered a severe ankle fracture and dislocation. The defense raised the issue/defense of not wearing a seatbelt. We were able to counter that defense with the help of a accident re-constructionist expert and secured our client a $800,000 settl... Read On

  • A.W. v. MADISON SQUARE GARDEN (MSG) – $187,500

    Our client slipped and fell at MSG during a WWE event. She suffered an injury to her lower back. After extensive litigation against MSG, we obtained a settlement for $187,500. Read On

  • B.Y. v. VILLAGE OF HEMPSTEAD – $600,000

    Our client was a pedestrian struck by a vehicle. Our investigation revealed that not only was the driver at fault but so was the Village of Hempstead for failing to maintain their roads in a safe condition. Our client suffered a fractured leg with surgery. At mediation, we were able to obtain an ... Read On

  • L.W. v. MALLO – $280,000.00

    Our client was struck by a motor vehicle while crossing the street. The driver claimed that our client was at fault and just walked into the roadway without using proper precaution. We hired an engineer\accident re-constructionist and were able to prove the driver was at fault. We obtained a $280... Read On

  • R.O. v. ASCENSIO – $100,000.00

    Our client was the driver in a 2 car accident. She suffered a torn hip labrum and required surgery. We obtained Full Policy settlements from both the other driver ($25,000) as well as from her SUM Supplemental Underinsured Insurance coverage ($75,000). Read On

  • A.H. v. LIEBER – $250,000

    Our client was rear-ended & suffered multiple back injuries. We were able to obtain a full policy settlement of $250,000 in only 13 months. Read On

  • A.F. v. ROLLMAN – $100,000

    Our client was injured in a 2-car accident where the other side blamed us for the accident. Nonetheless, we were still able to secure our client a full policy settlement of $100,000 Read On

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